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What makes this an amazing app? Let’s take a look at some of the top features.

All communications are completely free

You’ll be able to talk on WhatsApp Messenger for free when you’re running the app through a wifi connection. If you use data, instead of charging you any amount, it’ll only charge you for the minimal data bundle size. That’s amazing! You’ll be able to stay in touch with friends, family, and relatives anywhere in the world. But remember, if you need to call emergency numbers like 911 or 999, that won’t work on WhatsApp Messenger.

You can make calls to various people, video chat with your friends while they’re looking at a different video feed, and make plans to do things like traveling or meeting up. WhatsApp gets all of your contact information from your phone number, so you don’t even need an account. You can download and start using WhatsApp right away. Through this app, it’s easy to search for friends or family and then call them – even for free!

The WhatsApp Messenger is a stand-alone application that works in all circumstances. Your messages will be still stored and you’ll be able to review them any time, even if you’re offline. You don’t have to worry about missing anything.

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WhatsApp Messenger lets you send and receive attachme nts including texts, videos, documents, and plenty of other things. You’ll have a lot more fun sharing your everyday moments with family and friends. Like Facebook Messenger, you can change your profile picture, set an avatar for those close to you, or have some fun with it by setting a nickname for certain contacts.

Our simple login method

What’s the best way to keep in touch with customers quickly? We suggest installing WhatsApp Messenger! After installation, you’ll be greeted by WhatsApp’s personalized messages. Then enter your mobile number and you’ll receive a text message containing an access code. This is used to confirm your identity and synchronize WhatsApp with your contacts list. Finally, you’ll become an official member of the WhatsApp community.

There are a few minor drawbacks

This app doesn’t allow you to make some calls which are not permitted.

Some options for messages are limited.

There are some restrictions on sharing documents and files.

All of the messes that you make can be fixed with .

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