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UTS is a next-gen simulator for mobile devices the was created by taking constant feedback from our players.

This game offers an in-depth, realistic map that takes place in Western Germany. You’ll find a lot of memorable locations, including Munich, Rosenheim, Ebersberg, Vorderiss and Autobahn. If you’re looking for something beautiful, we also have the Bavarian mountain range.

What We Offer:

There are two map types: a large detailed map of the world, and a close-up route map. The close-up maps can include landmarks and long distance routes.

2. Truck: Eur/Alecian Trucks split by axle formation (4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4).

Trailer type:
There are a variety of trailers available for transporting different types of cargo. If you’re not sure what type of trailer to order use the inquiry form on your screen to get more information about the options available today.

One of the coolest features is that you can Buy/expand your garage with total freedom to move around inside and out.

Vehicles can have many of their parts changed/upgraded, such as the engine, gearbox, turbo, tyres, battery, radiator, coolant and oil.

6. Engine sounds: All engines have real sound effects that are linked to the performance of your engine

The game features a physical damage system and a vehicles body deformation on collision. Vehicle parts also have wear and tear mechanisms in place.

8. Customization: Vehicles can be customised based on the purchaser’s wishes, such as the colour and what their specifications are. Interior customisation includes dashboard colour and steering wheel, while exterior customisation also offers light modifications.

Skin Maker is a feature that allows players to create custom skins for their trucks and trailers in-game.

10.Weather: day and night, right along with the multi-weather system which includes sunshine, rainy days and more!

rain, thunder, and fog

and more.

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