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LINE Games is behind the free-to-play RPG Undecember APK. The game’s story focuses on an epic battle between humans and a race of demonic entities. The story has some surprising twists, making it anything but predictable.


This hack-and-slash fighting game will entice you with its deep story.

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The story of Undecember depicts the world of Traum, inhabited by 12 gods. They live in peace together and share power – but they weren’t always so nice. One day, the dark sides found each other and formed the 13th god, which is said to be behind the Earth-shattering war. The 12 gods were defeated, but with their last ounce of strength they bound the evil god inside a thousand-year slumber.

Several years after the land of Traum was vanquished, its descendants found all sorts of ways to bring back their beloved gods. They went on to connect all of their spells with a single desire: to summon the 12 Aurors. And, eventually, they were successful. Everyone rejoiced when they returned and didn’t realize when the 12 gods disappeared, darkness gathered again. They were welcomed with a future in a battle between dark and light.

Gameplay is a

During the game, you will be a god of light and your task will be to find the power to strengthen the gods in preparation for an upcoming great war.

In this game, players can choose the gender of their character and they select their weapon based on what they want to do. It’s also worth noting that the two skill tables change constantly, bringing an unpredictable variety of battles in the gameplay.

Undecember takes a unique and diverse approach to MMOs. Our 3 main classes are Warrior, Archer, and Mage. With each class, you can mix up different play styles and playing methods–you’re not limited to just one profession. The Warriors can cast spells, Mages can use melee combos.

Undecember has broken the norm with “Hybrid Upgrade” where you can choose to upgrade your character however you want. This is a term for upgrading in a way that doesn’t follow one linear path, just as most games of the same genre do.

At each stage of the game, you will collect a lot of valuable items. When paired with skills acquired throughout your playthrough, these items create a unique character that has special fighting qualities.

In summary, you can learn a variety of skills and weapons or armors from the series of medieval hats, weapons, and armors to be powerful. You can still admire your character’s leveling up quickly and find a good position in battles against enemies.

With Undecember, there’s a new way to play level-up games. You “constellation” and upgrade it. Once you get enough upgrades and your constellation doesn’t break, your character becomes that god. The strength of your character depends on the points in their constellation.

In Undecember, there are also mythical beasts who come out of myths.

This mode is perfect if you’re in a hurry and only want to play games. It maximizes your efficiency by putting the game on high speed for you.

One of the great features of MMORPGs is that they offer multiple game modes. Undecember has a special game mode where you can form legions to battle against up to 8 other teams. PvE mode, which is for players who just want to explore and enjoy themselves, will involve defeating a series of dungeons and managing your power as you face horrifying confrontations with demons.

In today’s world, graphics are improving at a remarkably rapid rate. They’re creating epic battlegrounds that appeal to everyone.

With its fast-paced, high-octane battles, Undecember will keep you on the edge of your seat. Epic visuals and Real-time raytracing make each battle a thrilling experience that is rich with awesome explosions and stunning shadows.

There is a beauty to how Undecember plays. The effect it has isn’t overly dramatic, but everything about it is deliberate. Your character can do many rare moves, which have sweeping consequences, and then follows this up with carefully-aimed magic lines that also hit their mark.

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