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Best for: Driving enthusiasts, Fans of luxury cars, Gamers.

Traffic Tour is a simple, never-ending racing game that you can play online.

Traffic Tour MOD APK is an endless arcade racing game, which delivers a thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience. First released on Android and iOS versions on November 7, 2016, the game has captured the attention of players around the world. In this game, players can race as fast as they want without fear of getting into accidents or traffic violations.

Traffic Tour is a game that resembles popular mobile racing games like Asphalt 8. But instead of racing against opponents, your enemy is yourself. You receive endless driving routes, going on the cars you dream of being able to drive. Improve your skills after every drive and train to be the best racer out there.

Traffic Tour is not your traditional endless running arcade racing game. In Career Mode, there are tasks for players arranged in order from easier to more difficult. You need to complete the deeds of the game, thereby set to play on missions that are more challenging. The game is like driving school, where you practice your endurance on a highway with many speedy vehicles.

In traffic accidents, you will not sustain any serious injury. The only issue is that your car may get stuck in a position, which usually lasts a little longer. Of course, you can’t complete your tasks if this keeps happening on time-sensitive missions, so don’t forget to collect power-ups! They can be energy to activate nitro or money to help you progress.

Hard Disk Drive

Accelerator: This key is a pedal that helps fuel the car and make it go faster.
Brakes: When you press this key, it might sound like the car has come to a stop.
Arrow keys: These help you move left or right.
Nitro: It was designed to help cars go even faster than they normally would only when they are on the large roads or highways. However, using it too much can cause accidents that lead to bad injuries.

Traffic Tour provides you with different driving modes depending on the type of vehicle you are using. And for those who play on their smartphone, virtual steering wheel mode can be used. The phone becomes a steering wheel, enabling players to tilt and turn the device to move the car in a certain direction. If a little more challenging is what you’re looking for instead, opt for an old-school button-based mode.

Touch the camera icon on the left of your screen to adjust your view. You can see from the rear of the car or inside the cockpit.


Traffic Tour is a game programed like real-life traffic, which provides the most realistic experience for players. The graphics and images are carefully crafted for maximum realism. Traffic Tour also has realistic, enjoyable effects including weather, landscapes and music that help players relax in each journey.


Traffic Tour has different modes including Career, Racing Now, Endless Lots of features! Courses are randomly generated, so you never play the same game twice. In Racing Now mode, you can play online with your friends or other online players. Invite your friends to social media to get them involved in racing! After each season, all drivers get rewards according to their standings.

Unlock and improve

You’ll also be able to buy luxury cars and customize them. Traffic Tour has more than 40 models of supercars that you can buy, including models from Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren. Starting with the GR45 and then moving up to one of these new cars is a great way to make money and earn bragging rights. However, some models have to be unlocked with cash first. Alternatively, you can give your car a custom color for 1500 coins per change.

Your driving skill is only one part of the equation when it comes to completing challenges. Achieving a higher level of success means upgrading your car. You have three upgrade types at your disposal, including handling, braking and acceleration upgrades. Better wheels are also available for purchase as you advance.


To improve the player’s experience, it would be better if Traffic Tour had no ads. They appear every time I do something, such as upgrading cars, changing colors, buying new cars or completing a mission. This can ruin the game for me or other players who are willing to upgrade their cars in less than 2 hours.

Traffic Tour MOD APK

You’ll be able to do anything with the MOD version of this game. With fully upgraded supercars, you’ll be able to complete any challenge with ease.

Additional features

There is no limit to the money that can be earned. Every time you spend all the money and reopen the game, you will still have 0 remaining.

Download the Traffic Tour Mod for Android

Play Traffic Tour, a car racing game with awesome graphics, compelling gameplay, and tons of adventures you can take on! It’s not perfect but it’s still worth playing.

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